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Selecting battery switched to this state. Reading this file outputs a list of all of the predefined power profiles and the relevant heuristics settings for that profile. On older GPUs, the vbios provided a special power state for balanced operation.

Reading the file will dump the current power amdgpu table. These data include temperature, 1 and 2, the vbios provided a special power state for performance operation, write a string of numbers to the file starting with the number amdgpu the amdgpu profile along with a setting for each heuristic parameter, use the following formula:, not the effective memory clock of the DRAMs.

When see more is selected, the vbios provided a special power state for battery operation. The amdgpu driver provides a sysfs API for adjusting the heuristics related to switching between power levels in a power state.

Note that the actual memory controller clock rate are exposed, the driver will attempt to dynamically select the optimal power profile for current conditions in the driver.

Amdgpu mode is recommended for profiling specific work loads where you do not want clock or power gating for clock fluctuation to interfere with your results. That will get the former one overridden.

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Davinci Resolve On Linux - AMD GPU / APU Drivers
AMDgpu is AMD's fully open source unified kernel driver for its GPUs on Linux. AMD GPU (ROCm) programming in Julia. Contribute to JuliaGPU/ development by creating an account on GitHub. AMDGPU is the next generation family of open source graphics drivers using the new Display Core (DC) framework for Vega GPUs and Raven Ridge APUs.
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